$14 Million Child Sex Abuse Settlement Recognized by Virginia Lawyers Weekly

Virginia Lawyers Weekly recognized a $14 million settlement against a regional daycare facility in a tragic group of child sexual abuse cases. Mr. Grenier was a member of the three-person steering committee that conducted the litigation on behalf of nine plaintiffs. Mr. Grenier was one of two attorneys who negotiated the settlement on behalf of the group.

Parents and teachers reported the teacher’s assaults for years, but the director of the facility failed to take action to prevent further abuse. When one of the victim’s parents reported her child’s assault to the director, she convinced the parent not to believe her own child. Teachers witnessed the assaults and reported the abuse repeatedly through appropriate channels, yet the director failed to perform her duty to report and investigate all allegations of child abuse. The perpetrator pleaded guilty to his crimes and is currently incarcerated.

The nine victims endured horrific trauma that never should have gone on for so many years. Had the facility suspended the teacher and reported the allegations to the appropriate authorities as required by both the law and their own internal policies, the perpetrator would not have had the chance to harm multiple children.

Read the settlement write-up here.

 Grenier Law Group is committed to advocating for victims of sexual abuse and holding all institutions accountable for their actions that place children in danger. 

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