Sexual Assaults

Victims of sexual assault or abuse often suffer a lifetime of emotional and physical injuries. Unfortunately, the criminal justice system all too often lets victims down by not prosecuting offenders or by failing to obtain convictions. Even in such instances, GLG’s lawyers provide a chance at justice by pursuing a civil claim for money damages against the offenders, and making sure that the truth comes out.

Additionally, businesses, schools, daycares, nursing homes, health care providers, and other organizations may be liable for sexual assaults or abuse if they fail to protect victims from employees whom they knew or should have known were sexual predators. For instance, the offender may be employed by a corporate entity or a community organization that fails to conduct a sufficient background check. Other times, employees provide indicators that they are potential sexual predators during the course of their employment, but warning signs are ignored. Also, there may be a lack of adequate employee supervision that creates an environment ripe for sexual assaults or abuse. Oftentimes, a high level person within an organization may use his position to aid him in committing a sexual assault against a fellow worker, a contractor, or perhaps a customer, thereby rendering the company equally liable to the victim.

GLG’s lawyers have successfully represented victims of assault and abuse in numerous situations, including sexual assaults by corporate employees, child abuse by religious institutions and community organizations, sexual assaults by medical and mental health providers, and sexual assaults and abuse by teachers and school personnel. These cases require investigation and prosecution by seasoned attorneys who understand how to successfully represent abuse victims and are compassionate to the needs of their clients. GLG will often have its sexual assault client fully evaluated by a forensic psychiatrist to determine the scope, duration and frequency of the client’s future therapy and other medical needs. For example, monitoring for potential exposure to sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV, AIDS, hepatitis, human papillomavirus (HPV), herpes, and chlamydia is important not only from a medical perspective, but also from a psychological and emotional perspective.

If you are the victim of sexual assault or abuse, we will seek to hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions. Please contact GLG for your confidential, free initial consultation. You can be assured that all sexual assault/abuse cases filed by GLG will be filed as a pseudonym in court (i.e., as a “Jane Doe”), so that your identity and privacy will be maintained and unavailable in any publicly available court records.