Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can happen in a split-second – a careless driver pulls out from a side street directly into the motorcyclist’s path, the motorcyclist instinctively swerves to avoid the car, and ends up getting hit by another oncoming car. Or the motorcyclist has no choice but to lay down the bike and pray for the best. That split-second can change – or end – that motorcyclist’s life forever. Unlike a car, the motorcyclist has no protective metal surrounding him, no airbag, and no seat belt. T-boning into the side of a car that just illegally ran a red light can literally catapult the biker into the air, exposing him to all sorts of danger when he lands (whether it be in the path of an oncoming car, into a ravine, or on top of another moving car). Whatever the mechanism of the crash, it is overwhelmingly likely that serious injury or death will occur.

Many drivers feel – and act — as though motorcyclists have no rights on the road, and that they are second-class citizens. Under the law, motorcyclists enjoy all of the same rights on the road as any other motor vehicle. But oftentimes a truck, bus, or car operator may not take the time to fully check whether a lane is clear before turning into it, and drive a motorcyclist off the road, down an embankment, or into other traffic.

With the huge increase in the use of SUVs on the road, there has been a staggering 75% increase in the number of motorcycle accidents since 1997. Visibility is worse, the driver sits much higher up from the road, and drivers often are not fully aware of the true dimensions of their SUV and drive it as if it is a passenger car. All of this adds up to substantial risk of being injured by the negligence of another driver while operating a motorcycle on the open road.

GLG has a special expertise in motorcycle accident cases, as Mr. Grenier is the Mid-Atlantic counsel of choice for referrals from a nationally known law firm, based in the Midwest, which handles only motorcycle accident cases. They have long enjoyed a long and prosperous relationship.

As such, GLG is recognized as one of the premier personal injury firms in the DC-metropolitan area that specializes in motorcycle accidents. We have successfully brought countless motorcycle accident cases against careless operators of vehicles, drunk drivers, and corporations employing negligent drivers. Our seasoned trial lawyers have utilized experts with unique expertise in accident reconstruction in creating a track record of success in obtaining compensation and justice for those severely harmed while riding. Due to his unique expertise in motorcycle cases, Mr. Grenier has been called to handle motorcycle accident cases as far away as Seattle, Washington, and Denver, Colorado.

If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident and feel someone else is at fault, a consultation with one of our attorneys is always free. We can explain to you the process of seeking compensation to pay your medical bills, to pay your lost wages, and to ensure that you are fairly compensated for your pain and suffering.

It is extremely important that you take all steps necessary to preserve your bike in its post-accident condition, so that if necessary, GLG can have the proper expert conduct a forensic examination of the bike.

Our lawyers and legal staff will do everything possible to get you through the physical, financial, and emotional challenges of your accident.