With more and more Uber vehicles on the road each day, our firm set out to hold Uber accountable for its drivers’ negligence and to understand the ramifications for people injured in crashes involving Uber vehicles. We thus set out to grow our practice by representing those injured in crashes involving Uber vehicles.

Uber adds an additional layer of complexity to personal injury cases due to its evolving insurance position. Whereas Uber previously relied on its drivers to use their own insurance—and took the unreasonable position that these drivers were on their own –they have since added insurance for drivers on the clock for Uber. As of March of 2014, Uber’s insurance policy kicks in from the time a driver accepts a trip request through the Uber app until the completion of the trip. Fortunately for victims, Uber’s $1,000,000 in liability coverage has allowed many victims to recover for their crash-related injuries.

Victims injured in accidents involving Uber vehicles need aggressive, creative lawyers who can navigate the insurance coverage issues that are at play, and who can uncover the facts necessary to show that the driver was actively working for Uber at the time of the collision. In Washington DC and Virginia, Grenier Law Group has represented Uber crash victims and helped them obtain full compensation for their injuries, including the pain and suffering that results from any serious accident. We are an aggressive law firm familiar with the technology and issues involved and which has the resources to bring cases to trial, if necessary.

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