A hit and run driver just hit me and I’m badly hurt.  The police cannot find him. Why do I need an attorney? Won’t my insurance company take care of me? Isn’t that why I write those monthly insurance premium checks?

This true story of our client, whom we will call “Linda,” demonstrates why you need an excellent attorney.

One morning in April 2015, Linda was driving to work in Pasadena, Maryland. As she slowed to move into the left turn lane, a car violently crashed into her from behind, sending her car into the median, where it flipped over and landed on its roof. All  of her airbags deployed. Her windshield was shattered. Linda was still strapped in her seat belt, hanging upside down, trapped in her car in excruciating pain. She was terrified. She reached for her cell phone, called her fiancee and screamed for help. Paramedics arrived, extricated her, strapped her to an immobilization board, placed her neck in a cervical collar, and transported her to The University of Maryland’s Maryland Shock Trauma. She was diagnosed with a spinal fracture. She was forced to wear a body brace for months, could not perform everyday activities, and underwent substantial physical therapy. Linda could not work for several months and had no income.

Linda incurred $20,942.23 in incident-related medical expenses and $11,476.00 in lost wages. Today, over two years after the collision, Linda still has pain from the incident and her doctors have told her that this pain will be with her for the rest of her life. Linda is no longer able to participate in many of the activities she enjoyed so much prior to the collision.

Because the bad driver fled the scene and remains unknown, Linda’s only recourse was to seek compensation from her own insurance company.

Linda hired GLG. GLG tried to work with Linda’s insurance company in order to come to a fair resolution. However, Linda’s insurance company only offered her $40,000.00. GLG sued Linda’s insurance company.

Last week, GLG attorneys Peter Grenier and Kenneth LaDuca presented Linda’s case in the United States District Court for the District of Maryland (federal court). After a two day trial, a jury returned a verdict in Linda’s favor for $157,418.23. This award included every penny, $32,418.23, of her past medical expenses and lost wages, and $125,000.00 for her pain and suffering.

Dealing with insurance companies can be extremely complicated, even when it is the insurance company you have been paying premiums to for years. DO NOT just accept what they offer you. We at GLG are experts. If you are injured in a collision, please call us for a free consultation.