Grenier Law Group PLLC (“GLG”) recently successfully resolved a case involving a minor child injured by a negligently assembled Huffy bicycle. GLG alleged that the bicycle was negligently assembled by the retailer and that the retailer’s failures led directly to our client’s injury.

In resolving this case, GLG relied, in part, on a report drafted by a bicycle expert regarding Huffy bicycles. According to the report, most Huffy bicycles are manufactured and fully adjusted in China, before being partially disassembled for packing and shipping to the United States. To pack the bicycles in the cardboard carton for shipping, the manufacturer typically removes the front wheel, handlebars, stem, saddle, seatpost, and pedals. These parts are strapped to the bicycle or placed in a small parts box that is then packed into the carton. This is known in the industry as “85% assembly.” Once these materials arrive at the retailer, an assembly mechanic takes everything out of the carton, removes the packing material, threads on the pedals, installs the seatpost and saddle, installs the stem and handlebars, then attaches the front wheel and attaches the front brake cables. During this assembly process, the assembly mechanic is responsible for final assembly and adjustment of the brakes, as well as inspection and verification of the safe and proper functioning of the brakes.

In practice, many of the mechanics who assemble the bicycles in the United States do not have the proper training and do not properly assemble the bicycles. These bicycles are frequently assembled quickly and with little attention to safety. As a result, people have been seriously injured when their bicycle falls apart when they are riding it forcing them to crash. Besides GLG’s prior case, public reports available on show numerous cases where Huffy bicycles malfunctioned and caused the rider to crash often resulting in injury.

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