In February 2016, 26-year-old Brendon Sullins died while a pretrial detainee in the RSW Regional Jail in Front Royal, Virginia – a death that was wholly and easily avoidable. Like millions of other Americans, Brendon suffered from an addiction to heroin. Despite their knowledge that Brendon was going through agonizing opiate withdrawal, jail staff ignored his pleas for medical treatment and ignored the classic signs of dehydration, including the clawing of his hands. Confined in a medical cell containing a motion sensor camera – which was supposed to be monitored by jail staff – Brendon writhed in agony over the course of several days, becoming more and more dehydrated as he vomited repeatedly. No doctor ever examined him. No i.v. fluids – which would easily have saved his life – were ever given to him. He literally died on camera. Brendon left behind two beautiful young daughters, who loved their dad more than anything. GLG, including attorneys Kenneth LaDuca and Peter Grenier, fought hard for justice for Brendon – they filed a lawsuit in federal court in Virginia. In November 2018, GLG obtained justice not only for Brendon, but for his little girls, whose financial needs will be taken care of for the rest of their lives. While GLG could not bring back their beloved father, our attorneys have ensured that Brendon’s daughters will always have the resources they need.

Investigative reporter Andrea McCarren (WUSA Channel 9 — CBS affiliate) put together a heart-wrenching news story about Brendon’s tragedy. The story can be viewed here: