Grenier Law Group is pleased to announce that on Friday February 28, 2020, Peter Grenier will present at Career Day at Richard Montgomery High School (“RM”) in Rockville, Maryland. This is the third year he will participate, sharing his work with students curious about pursuing a career in law. 

RM offers law courses that give students an overview of the court system, taught by the beloved Jonathan Taylor. Taylor helps many students find a career interest they never knew existed during his semester-long class. He also coaches RM’s State Champion Mock Trial Team. Last April, the team claimed the title for a fourth time after arguing before the Maryland Court of Appeals in Annapolis. Presiding Judge Michele D. Hotten commended the team’s impressive prosecution strategy, noting “sometimes thinking outside the box, which is what an advocate is supposed to do.” After viewing a clip of their opening statement, Peter remarked that they make better lawyers than some real attorneys. The team just entered the County playoffs with a flawless 4-0 record. We wish them luck, although they surely do not need it!

After past years’ career days, students have sought Peter’s advice on how to find internships and what to study after high school. Some have shadowed him in court to get a taste of what trial lawyers really do. This event is a great way to give back to the community and share with students the various ways in which a career in law can be fulfilling. We look forward to seeing you there!