On November 6, 2015, Grenier Law Group PLLC filed a wrongful death lawsuit against The Chimes, Inc. arising from the death of Mitchell Bruh, a 44 year old man with severe PICA disorder and the mental capacity of a 1 year old. On June 2, 2014, Mitchell was left unattended on a transport van at Chimes despite his known need for one-on-one supervision, a need that the State of Maryland was paying Chimes to fulfill. Left alone, Mitchell picked up and ingested a latex glove, causing asphyxiation, and leading to his death. GLG attorney Peter C. Grenier represent Mitchell’s family in this case. A copy of the State of Maryland’s report on the incident can be found here, a copy of the Complaint can be found here, and a Maryland Daily Record story about the lawsuit is available here.