Peter Grenier was recently invited to give a comprehensive presentation to fellow Virginia lawyers as part of their Continuing Legal Education requirements. He has been a frequent speaker and receives rave reviews for making the seminars fun, educational, and informative all at once.  His quick wit and sense of humor, infused with his wide-ranging knowledge of the subject matter, are unparalleled. He draws on his 26 years of experience handling some of the most high profile cases in the country, including the Columbine High School Shootings, the Virginia Tech Massacre, and the D.C. Naval Yard Shootings. In this article, which accompanied a recent lecture, he discusses the nuts and bolts of practicing tort law in Virginia, addressing issues such as statutes of limitation (for adults, minors, and incapacitated persons, and decedents), medical negligence, sexual abuse claims, defamation, prisoners’ rights, fraternity/sorority hazing, automobile accidents/statutes, and claims against local and state governments.  Click here to read his article.